What comes with the course

Financial Market

Introduction To Financial Markets

This course will help you build a strong foundation of education around the financial markets. It covers types of investments, functionality and structure of the financial markets, types of analysis and implementation, and much much more.

Simple Six

SimpleSix Stock Options

This course will teach you Six core strategies that every cashflow style options trader should know. It breaks down how to identify the trading opportunities, structure and enter the trades, and how to stay profitable in all types of market conditions.


Stock Markets and Elections

There’s a lot going on during any normal election year, but fittingly for 2020, this time election is different. We have a contested election, and a run-off election in Georgia. This adds more uncertainty to the stock market, which can add more volatility to the market. Of course, when it comes to investing if you don’t have a crystal ball, it’s not worth trying to predict the future. Indulging political fears or expectations by making major changes to your investments can be particularly damaging. Read More...