What comes with the course

Financial Market

Introduction To Financial Markets

This course will help you build a strong foundation of education around the financial markets. It covers types of investments, functionality and structure of the financial markets, types of analysis and implementation, and much much more.

Simple Six

SimpleSix Stock Options

This course will teach you Six core strategies that every cashflow style options trader should know. It breaks down how to identify the trading opportunities, structure and enter the trades, and how to stay profitable in all types of market conditions.


Hear what some of our valued clients have to say about their experience!

First off, I'd like to thank Scott and the team for helping me understand this type of investing. They showed me simple strategies to leverage my hard earned cash and start building real wealth. The SimpleSix program teaches you how to turn small wins into big wins over time.

Jaime G.

Taylorsville, UT

The information in this course is worth 10x what they are selling it for. You'll be able to start placing profitable trades in no time. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn about the financial markets and options trading.

Joe S.

Boise, ID

I knew almost nothing about stocks or trading before I took this SimpleSix options course. Having taken the course and following their guidelines I feel very confident in trading now. One of the best investments in my life, hands down.

Jesse L.

Layton, UT

Working with Scott was a great experience for me. As a first-timer, he made me feel confident and educated throughout the training. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced trader, you will be able to apply these awesome strategies and get your money working for you. This course is highly recommended!

Monica G

Taylorsville, UT

I've always wanted to invest in the stock market rather than let my money sit in my bank account collecting dust. In comes the SimpleSix options course! I'm truly happy I invested in the Relentless Trading education program. They made it very easy to learn options trading.

Eddie N.

West Jordan, UT

The SimpleSix course was a perfect way to invest my money. The Relentless Trading team did a great job teaching me the system. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to start trading the stock market.

Bryant T.

Bountiful, UT

The Relentless Trading classes were really amazing I felt like they did a great job taking me from a very basic understanding to someone who feels qualified to dip my toes into trading. I have been very pleased with my progress and the knowledge gained and the practical real-world experience used in the course. I would highly recommend anyone on the fence to not wait any longer.

Ryan L

Dallas, TX

Experienced Team

Scott Williams

President & Co-founder

Scott is a lifetime entrepreneur that has taken an active role in several startup companies. His list of profitable ventures include real estate, stock options, small businesses, commodities, and crypto-currency investing. Scott has an expert level knowledge of the financial markets and a passion for helping others increase their financial acumen. Scott studied Business Communications at Boise State University, and Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics at University of Pennsylvania.

Lee Lay

Vice President & Co-founder

The Lay family came to the United States almost 40 years ago to chase the American dream. At a young age Lee realized that his path to wealth would be found in entrepreneurship. Lee has a well rounded background that includes ownership in several small businesses, real estate investments, and financial market success. In addition, he plays an active role in the independent film industry writing screenplays, filming shorts, and producing video content.

  • Scott Williams President & Co-founder
  • Lee Lay Vice President & Co-founder


Stock Markets and Elections

There’s a lot going on during any normal election year, but fittingly for 2020, this time election is different. We have a contested election, and a run-off election in Georgia. This adds more uncertainty to the stock market, which can add more volatility to the market. Of course, when it comes to investing if you don’t have a crystal ball, it’s not worth trying to predict the future. Indulging political fears or expectations by making major changes to your investments can be particularly damaging. Read More...